Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tutorial :: Fabric Scrap Bracelets

Fabric Beaded Bracelets::Tutorial

Supplies needed:: (12) 12mm wooden beads
1 piece of fabric 20 inches x 2.5 inches
Silver metal split rings small
(another option for rings is embroidery floss)
Large safety pin

Start by putting right sides of fabric together lengthwise. Sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way down the 20 inch piece of fabric. You may re-enforce this with another stitch if you would like, but it's not necessary.

with a safety pin, attach it to the inside of the fabric tube. This will help you thread the fabric through the tube. Scrunch onto the safety pin and pull off. This will make the fabric tube show the right side of the fabric.

After you have your fabric tube right side out.
Tie a knot about 3 inches from one end of the tube, and cut the other end at an angle. The sharp end of the angle should be right on the seam of the fabric tube.

Start by stringing your split rings and 12mm wooden beads. The beads are put inside the tube, while the split rings are threaded around the outside of the tube. After you have strung 12 beads you should have the length needed for your bracelet. If you need it longer, string a few more beads.

Tie the end off in a tight secure knot. Getting as close to the last bead as possible.
After you have closed off both ends, tie the ends of the bracelet into another secure knot to close up the bracelet.

That's it!! You can tie the middle also with floss if you wish. I choose to use the split ring because I was making them for my daughter. Not only is it shiny, but it hold a lot more securely as well. I hope everyone enjoys making these. All it really takes is some scraps!!


  1. How cute are those!! Thanks for sharing how you made them!!!

  2. So cute! I know this is far off, but I'm gathering ideas now for home made holiday gifts to post on my blog. Would you mind if I linked to you? They are the perfect quick gift for a friend!

  3. Hi Terri,
    You need to send this into Moda Bake Shop, because you could use left over Jelly Roles. I love this and plan on making some for my grandbabies to match their dresses. A girl just can't have enought jewelry.
    Keep Stitchen'

  4. Great idea! No excuse to not have the right color of jewelry.

  5. cute cute cute! thanks for shareing!

  6. How cute and easy does it get? Thanks so much for sharing. You are so creative. I'd like to see a picture of Sophia wearing hers. She must be the best dressed girl in town.

  7. Thank you...I bought some marbles to make this and then couldn't find the directions...so, thank you again...

  8. I've seen a similar design as a necklace but for some reason never thought of using it to make a bracelet. Thanks for the idea!

  9. This looks amazing. Thank you very much for posting this.

  10. Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial! I made these today with my 5yo daughter and her little friend during their playdate. A little Mother's Day gift. I'm supposed to act surprised when I open mine ;)

    Thanks for the great instructions!

  11. Those are darling! Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  12. Fun! I have a 19 month old girlie-girl who will love these. Thanks for the tutorial - Darn it, now I'll just "have to" go to the craft store tomorrow.....;-)

  13. Love these-we made necklaces too! Great idea! THANKS!

  14. I love these bracelets! I just wish I knew how to sew!!

  15. Hi! Thank for the tutorial! Can you tell me if the split rings should be 5mm? That is the smallest I see selling on eBay. THANKS! :)Dawn

  16. you know, when i was a kid, my grandmother made me something similar using cotton balls instead of beads. do you think that'd work?

  17. Love this. Great instructions, great photos. Thank you.

  18. Great tute. Love this. Directions are great, photos too. Thanks.


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