Wednesday, April 15, 2009

De-Stash Scraps Listed now::

As promised I have gone through and organized the packages to be listed. They are pretty large scraps this time. It's first come first serve. I can also take some requests for color but still cannot guarantee it. I promised I would let you all know first so go check out the shop and get them before they are gone.
P.S. I got my new machine today, I will share later.
I am also putting together a SWAP so stay tuned.


  1. You are putting together a swap - now that one I just might play in!!!

  2. I LOVE scraps and have barely any so horray I convo'ed you on etsy (only took me like 10 minuites to figure out how to do that) hehehe

  3. I hurried over to etsy and picked up two sets!!! I can't wait to get them!! Thanks!


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