Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Stash Report :: Ovals + a New Machine

Anyone remember the craze for American Jane Pez fabric? All those bright school like colors that everyone just had to have, even now still people would just about trade their arms for a piece of that yummy fabric. Well this is my relief; Momo for Moda came out with a new line recently called Freebird This beautiful line has the most perfect color combos and it really is breathtaking to see it all together.

One print in particular reminds me of the pez craze. The ovals with cream colored back rounds in plum, light blue, and red, are just so perfect. Although I do not have a project for them now, I have stashed them away for a later use. I have a feeling this will be a sought after fabric someday, it's just that perfect.

On another note I went in to buy a walking foot for my workhorse, (the machine I use for the shop mostly) I guess I should tell you all that I am scared of digital machines. Well not really scared but I just felt like I didn't need one. I love the manual machines and even though it's more work, that is the fun part of sewing to me. I love that it's as fast as I am and nothing beeps at me.

After much thought and playing with it for a few minutes I traded in my old workhorse for a digital workhorse. This beauty now lives with me.

The first 2 days were miserable, I almost took it back to retrieve my old machine. The speed control was nice for some things but when your a manual girl, I felt like the computer was just to slow. I still feel that way, but having all the extras, and a few days to shorten my learning curve, I have started to like the machine more every day.

I would imagine that anytime you purchase a new sewing machine, all the perks that make you buy it, can be the same ones that frustrate you in the end. I have realized that only time will tell if this ends up being my new love. I have been welcomed into the world of digital sewing machines, I took a bite, I liked... now lets see if it mixes well with my wine.


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  1. OOh I just got the same machine! I love it!

  2. ooooowww a new machine, I have a new one on the way too!!

  3. Oooh I need some of those ovals love them! And after quilting stellas quilt and working on lots of clothes lately I'm convinced I neeeed a new machine heeh

  4. Love the entire Freebird line! I even scored a yard of the blue ovals in my LQS clearance section - half-price! Mine are tucked away for now, too but I know they'll be used and loved.

  5. Great fabric! Congrats on the new baby :)

  6. Love the new fabric, I think you are on to something! You will love your new machine, I have no doubt that you will become great friends! Enjoy your Monday!

  7. Congrats on your new machine. You two will be like old friends in no time. Love the fabric.

  8. New machines can be hard to get used to. We all seem to have love-hate relationships with them. I am going on 2-1/2 years with my "new" machine and still have fond memories of the "oldie"

  9. I was thinking the exact same thing about this fabric! I have the blue colorway. I wish it came in more colors! Congrats on your new machine! One day I will have a new machine!


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