Monday, May 31, 2010

Checking in with Some W.I.P.s

As I try to catch up in the shop it has not been very exciting around here lately. I have progressed some on my pillow talk swap round 3 sewing together my one inch hexagons, yet still not sure if my original idea will look as great as I had planned. Hopefully it all comes together ok. They have had some AWESOME pillows finished so far already, yet I seem to be drained of creativity this week.

I did spend some time with the little one teaching her to ride her bike. She is doing wonderfully. I just need to get her to pay attention to turning the handle bars and pedaling at the same time. She either focuses on one or the other right now.

Here are some fun photos of her though. Hope you all are having a great 3 day weekend, I'll be back soon with a tutorial.



  1. cute pix - I like the snack break. Trike riding is hard work! I think your pillow hexes are looking gorgeous.

  2. Cute little your hexes..

  3. Cute little girl!

    I love the direction your pillow hexes are going. Love the colors and I have been secretly hoping that I am your partner because the colors are perfect for me!

  4. Oh Terri, I just want to eat her up! In the second picture she is concentrating so hard on her bike riding. Adorable!!

    Did you say one inch hexes!!!

  5. daughter does the same thing. If she is pedaling perfectly she will crash right into something and if she is paying attention and steering in the right direction, she isn't pedaling. I think she gets it from me....i still have a hard time focusing on two things at once!!

  6. your pillow looks awesome! and Larkin and Ruby saw this and keep asking to play with Sophie

  7. Sophie looks adorable!! Love the her big smile!!

    Your pillow is going to be fabulous!! You have one lucky partner!


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