Tuesday, May 11, 2010

::News of the week:: Some good Stuff

 Thank you everyone for the warm wishes while we plan our BIG move to California. I probly let it out a little early, but I was just so excited. I already can imagine different ways to incoorporate my handmade into our new home.

Some things that happened this week that you all should know.

::Hawthorne Threads started a blog. (Happy dance) Stop by and wish them well with their new blog "Behind the Seams"

:: My Urban Swap partner has been revealed. This is what I got. From the wonderful Penny over at Sewtakahike. Beautiful linen napkins, with detailed stitching and I am so in LOVE!

There is also a giveaway for a FREE crayon wallet from my shop "Sew Fantastic" It ends on the 18th of May. Enter to win here.

I will be depleting inventory for the move, and things will not be stocked regularly until after the move. I will bring  some new fabrics as well as some new designs I have conjured up when we reopen.  Custom orders will also be stopped very shortly. The shop will close for a few months on July 30th . We will open again most likley in September or October.

And last but certianly not least, my little Sophia is two! Can you believe it? we had a wonderful party at the portland Childrens museam, and she got to visit with friends. By the end of the day her poor little eyelids could barley handle being open. Happy birthday Sophia.

Of course because of our decision to move, I will also be destashing a bit very soon to get started. I think I will also run some giveaways for you here. More to come on that topic.

I hope everyone had a great Week.


  1. Sounds like you are real excited for the move, that is great!!

  2. Very exciting times for you! Congrats. I love your new linens - they are spectacular. And a happy Bday to your baby girl.

  3. Love the napkins. Good luck with your move.

  4. Your little one is two, what a wonderful age! You know I better stock up on scraps before you move. how exciting!!
    The napkins are beautiful, what a great swap!

  5. yes yes, she is two can you believe it? She is such a big girl to. Saying please and thank you after everything. Even when I change her clothes or do her hair. "thank you mamma" So so sweet

  6. You are very lucky to have gotten Penny for a swap partner, and it sounds like your darling girl had a lovely birthday. I have kept quiet about your move, but -- even though I'm sorry to see you go -- I do wish you happiness in Bakersfield. At least I got to meet you. We'll have to grab some quilting friends and have a little girl's night out before you go.

  7. Hi!! I just presented you with a blogger award - here you go: http://thecottagehome.blogspot.com/2010/05/versatile-blogger-award.html



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