Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Little Flora and Fauna For Sophie

(photo taken by Heather at Olive&Ollie)

A few weeks ago I contacted a friend from one of my fabric groups, Heather from Olive & Ollie. She makes the cutest peasant dresses and sells them on etsy. I loved the style, but unfortunately Sophie is not really a dress wearer lately. So I asked Heather if she could shrink them down to size and make shirts in the same style.
I choose the fabrics (flora and fauna), sent her measurements, and she got to work. They arrived yesterday as if she was in the room when they were made for her. They fit perfectly . I couldn't be happier with them. Sophie loved them so much, that me and dad could not get them off her just after trying them on. She wore this pink one until bedtime. (with bright blue pants I might add)

The product arrived so professional looking, The clothes had care tags as well as the size I had ordered, packaged beautifully as if I had purchased them in a very high end boutique.. I am glad that I hired Heather for this Job, I am thrilled beyond with the outcome, and my Sophie is happy as well. What a win win.

Just wanted to share my great experience with you all, Happy Easter!


  1. Those are cute!! Cute little one too!!

  2. LOL that would be peasant- pheasants are little birdies that run around in the wild. I couldn't figure out what a pheasant dress would be.


  3. ha ha good ol spell checker must have caught it and I never noticed.
    thank you for catching it

  4. They are SO cute! I just adore the pink one.

  5. Terri! You're so sweet. I'm so glad you and Sophie liked them, and thank you very much for your kind words. I really, really appreciate them. Thank you again!

  6. Was just looking at this fabric on Hawthorne Threads and love it!

    These are such sweet tops and she looks beautiful!

  7. They are so cute, but of course I love the pink one, as pink is my favorite colour.

  8. The tops are really cute, and she looks adorable in them :)

  9. those tops are ooooh so cute


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