Monday, March 29, 2010

Gathering and a WIP

WOW what a week! Sophia is finally over her croup (thank goodness) There is a terrible feeling that goes through a mother when you can't' fix your child. Being that she is not quite 2 years old, there are no medications to give her just lots of love and attention.

This week I met a few of my online blogger friends Sarah, Heather, and Kerri to get together at the new Modern Domestic building over in Portland. A brand new building set up with everything you need to spend time together and sew, cut, or even relax on a comfy couch while you hand quilt, just bring a project. I finally got to meet Kerri from the Seattle area (kinda), who I purchase fabric from frequently, and her shop was also the inspiration for my next quilt. I have been collecting Aqua, and gray fabrics for this one, and although some of these will not make it into the quilt, I just wanted to gather and decide when I'm done.

I also decided that this quilt will be for me. I have sewn for 15 years and have never really sewn anything for myself. (sad huh) I will be taking on a new venture in embroidery for this one as well, I purchased my first hoop this weekend and hope that it comes along as smoothly as everything else has so far. (wish me luck) I will defintly post photos of progress.

Here is me and heather with our NEW orla tablecloth.
Arn't we SEW cute

I have also been warned by miss Heather, that if I ever brought something from the shop to work on she would 86 me from the guild (ha ha kidding of course)

So I have taken on a quilt that a friend of mine is writing, I am testing out the pattern to see how it flows, and so far it's been fun. I am not quite sure how much I am allowed to spill before it's released so I think I will leave you with this yummy photo of by progress so far (I'm still cutting it out ;)

Besides staying busy with the shop as usual, I have taken on a few new projects now that the little one is feeling better. Spring break was an eye opener for some great things to come. After the shop is caught up (very soon) I have a new tutorial for you all (Yay)
What did you work on this week?


  1. My oldest was in the hospital as a 1 year old in a croup tent, and I was ready to give birth to my 2nd. He developed bronchial problems also. Both my girls also Thank God all of them outgrew it. My youngest son is the only one that didn't have the bronchial problems. Two things that really helped was to put shower on hot, hot hold child and let him breath the steam. Another good thing is take them for a car ride with the ac on full . I did both many times. Good Luck with it, but I know its scary when they are so small

  2. Your stacks of aquas and grays are gorgeous, but I think we both know someone also gathering up blues and grays. You'd better keep an eye on your fabrics ;). And you definitely deserve to keep something sewn for yourself! I hope you enjoy the embroider. It can be addicting!

  3. so glad she's feeling better. all of our boys would get that, for one, sitting in the cold air worked best. for the other one, a steamy room was the ticket. it is very scary!

    spring break here too! yippee!

    the fabrics you have chosen are wonderful! I will be looking forward to watching your creativity and progress! you always do lovely work!

    sew glad you got to hang out with other fabric fiends! it helps to know someone else shares your addiction! lol

  4. My Gracie who is now 5 was in the hospital with RSV on her first birthday...very scary! Glad yours is feeling better.

    Gorgeous fabrics and a fun time too!

    I have been working on a new quilt design for a charity quilt I am making. I like how it is coming out and will have pics on my site soon.


  5. I'm glad to hear that they will be on you to NOT bring work with you, but to work on something for yourself. I haven't made it by MD yet, but I need to as I need a few new feet for the machine. No worries on spilling the beans, it's not a secret. I've done some rearranging on fabric positions and charts and the such. That's always how it goes. :)

  6. Terri... look at how cute we are in our Orla!!! That was sooo much fun!! Did you get Elizabeth's invite for next month??? I can't wait!! and now... i'm off to call Sarah for my copy!!! haha... she's sooo stinkin talented!! ttys :)

    xo, Heather

  7. Love the fabrics that you are gathering! Looks like you had a great time!I can hardly wait to see the quilt you're working on!!!


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