Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Favorite Things giveaway #6

Ok remember when I told you all about Olivia? The 17 year old who was felting her way to collage. She has since then created much more yummy goodness that has been sprinkled throughout her etsy shop Furritales.
My favorite by far is her little felted chicken. This little guy bring so much personality to my fabric stash. As well as protects all my yummy fabric from the poachers who oogle it. I want a reader to have on of these cuties for their very own as well, to experience the smiles this has brought to me.
This adorable little felted chicken goes to.... Leslie
Congrats Leslie this chicken will definitely make you smile. Please email me at with your blog name and address to claim your prize
If that's not you, then don't worry you can still adopt one by hopping on over to visit Furritales


  1. Congrats to all these winners today! Terri, are you just pulling out gifts and then randomly pickin numbers/names?!? This is fun!!!

  2. Congrats to Leslie, she's going to love the cuties!

  3. so cute...i am so ezxcited. thanks. i have just e-mailed you.

  4. Oohhh...the chicken! What a win! And that I know Leslie and love her and her blog is a bonus. I don't feel so bad now! lol

    Congrats to you, Leslie!


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