Thursday, January 21, 2010

Favorite Things Giveaway #5

I always wanted one of these. The lighting is wonderful, practically crystal clear to me. I keep this great light right above my sewing machine for a nice clear view of my stitching. Most of the time these lights are way out of the price range I wanted to spend on one. Until I found a sale of course. I bought 2 of them so I am passing on the love of a good light to one lucky reader.

Of course after my purchase, I do realize that the cost is justified. This truly is a great light, especially for sewing. This was a purchase at Joann's fabrics. I am sure there are many other places to get this very cool item. This is by far my favorite item on my desk, after my sewing machine of course.

The Lucky reader who wins this light is....DEE.

Congrats Dee please email me at with your adress.


  1. hooray Dee!!! this is awesome

  2. Good for you Dee!!!

  3. yeah, ive clicked on my name about 3x just to make sure!

  4. A light's always useful!, congrats to Dee!

  5. That's me?! Oh my. Wow!

    I've been reading through all the wins...thinking this is so cool...and here's my name!

    Terri, I can't believe you're gifting this away. How awesome. Thank you. What a lift this morning. I'll be emailing you as soon as I finish reading who else won!


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