Thursday, October 1, 2009

Keepsake Collage :: Quick Project

So as I explained in my last entry , I wanted to somehow keep the memory of my wonderful purchase from Heather Ross herself in some form of keepsake. This is what I ended up with today. Now that it's finished I wish that I would have bought a bigger frame to fit more fabric goodness. I love how it turned out though.

Supplies ::
Pinked Rotary Cutter & Self healing mat (scissors work to)
Colored piece of card stock 12x12
Picture Frame any size you desire (Joann's 19.99)
Scotch Tape

Here are all my supplies. I cut down the letter from Heather to make it smaller for fitting into the matted frame. Taped a green piece of card stock behind the matting and began cutting my fabrics.
I cut little pictures from a few of the fabrics by using a pinked rotary cutter. It made the cute zig-zag style cut you see in the photos. I laid out the pieces around the letter until I had them the way I wanted. Then I began adding a small piece of scotch tape to each piece to keep it in place.

After everything was taped down I put the picture behind the glass again and closed the frame. This is a great way to keep something you hold dear and making it a visual keepsake forever. I will now proudly display this piece of my quilting history (ha ha) in my sewing room to look at whenever I need inspiration.

I hope this technique gives you inspiration to make
something special with your keepsakes.


  1. Oh that looks amazing, she would be thrilled to see what you did!!!

  2. what an amazing little project and it looks amazing!! what a great keepsake for your sewing space!!

  3. this is so great and such a great idea

  4. What a creative idea. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for sharing ! this could be used for so many keepsake ideas.. but would take a lot to be better than a HR keepsake !
    lucky girl you !

  6. What an amazing idea! I love your blog and everything about your fun and crafty ideas! Your awesome! Can't wait to see more!

  7. This is lovely - the fabric patches look like postage stamps

  8. I love this Terri! It's soooo something I would do!

  9. Enjoyed your blog. Finding it inspirational.


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