Monday, May 4, 2009

New Etsy Finds

My discovery this week, the cutest thing, and what a great idea. Check out these Ouchy Eaters I found on Etsy. Made by gigglinggoldfish . They live in the freezer, and are filled with 100% Organic Flax Seeds. Perfect for those little ones when they get little boo boo's.
I just thought I needed to share this super amazing creative idea. I am sure the kids love them. I should get one for Sophia.
Another great find also on etsy, was these wallies. Made by byrdiekids They come in your choice of colors, and in 4 different animals. Great for kids to learn not only the animals, but also the words. Also check out their Garden version to .
What a great way to decorate a child's room.

What have you all found on Etsy or anywhere else that is unique and clever? Maybe you make something you want to share? Well?? What is it?


  1. Love the ouchie eaters. I'd even use them myself for the tendonitis in my hands. They look like a good size.
    I have denim aprons on Etsy, with fun fabric ruffles and ties.
    Alpacalady at Etsy

  2. I love the "ouchie eaters". They are way too cute.

  3. Those reming me of Ms. Spiders sunny Patch cartoon :) Very cute

  4. Those are adorable. Never thought of kids needing ice packs of their own.

  5. Those ouchie eaters are Cute Cute Cute. They would work so much bettter than a bag of frozen Peas. I don't have little ones at home anymore but I bet my Dh could use one. lol


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