Thursday, March 26, 2009

Say It Forward

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Say It Forward — Carnival of Loyal Commenters
Written by Janice

There are not many things more beautiful and appreciated to a blogger than a good comment. We bloggers live for them.
When we open up our site in the morning and see a new comment sitting there waiting to greet us, well it makes our day – one sparkling gift handed to little ol’ us in the middle of the big, big blogosphere.
Yes, comments are the jewels of the blogosphere.
But how can we thank our loyal friends and readers for giving us these treasures?
First and foremost, we can return the favour!
We can visit their blogs and leave them comments. The golden rule of blogging – do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. It makes the blogosphere go round.

Blog visiting and commenting are how I have made my best friends online. However sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with them all.
Leaving a comment is like walking up to a new friend in the playground and introducing yourself. It is how we make friends in the blogosphere.
What if we want to do EVEN MORE???

Because we want to do even more to recognize and thank our commenters, we have created a new weekly carnival…
Say It Forward – Carnival of Loyal Commenters
Say it Forward is a new weekly carnival where bloggers feature their loyal commenters!
Each blogger will write a post featuring one, two or three of their loyal commenters and then add that link to the carnival.
In the posts, bloggers can include photos, bios, interview questions or even quotes from their comments – whatever works best to turn the spotlight on commenters and show them how much we appreciate them taking the time to read and comment on our blogs.

What if the commenter we want to thank isn’t a blogger? No worries! Shine that spotlight anyway! Share their comment(s), their name – anything you can to say THANKS!

If you are selected as a Loyal Commenter either by our site or another blog, you can display this Loyal Commenter badge with pride.

So Tomorrow SEW-FANTASTIC Will give it's first ever Loyal Commenter Award!


  1. I think this a great idea!!!

  2. I agree this is really a good idea!

  3. How wonderful. I don't always have time to email and tell how I appreciate the comment but this is a solution to that dilemma!

  4. Really nice idea. My last two posts have no comments on them and it is a little disheartening. I've picked up 3 new followers but none have of them have left any comments. You are so right about it being a treat to log on in the morning and see that there is a comment.

  5. I am fairly new to Blogerland, actually Jan. I love the interaction and help from the other bloggers. All are helpful and oh so knowlegable. I do go first thing to read the blogs on my log page and then I browse the people I am familiar with. If they suggest someones elses blog I read it and most times follow them. I have found so many free patterns and ideas, if I worked 24/7 I probably couldn't finish all of them. Bless you all


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