Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday's Loyal Commenter Award

Sara Maria Brockunier

A New Englander at heart who loves to quilt, knit, read and listen to music. Moved to New Hampshire in 2004 and still in love with the area and people.

Sara Has been a loyal reader of Sew-fantastic for awhile now. Her comment when I was sick really made my day. She has gone out of her way on numerous occasions to let me know that she has stopped by, not just on the giveaways.

Please take a minute to make a new friend over at Sara's Blog. Leaver her some wonderful comments. She is clever, and witty, and her posts always make me laugh. Her sense of humor and great kindness really make her one of a kind. Thank you Sara for all your wonderful comments. Please display your award proudly.



  1. what a beautiful blog! I'll look forward to reading it often :) Come visit me for a doll quilt giveaway on my blog:

  2. Terri,

    I am so honored - I have no idea what to say!

    Thank you so much - I will display this with great pride...

  3. Yes, Sara is wonderful and I am glad she was able to brighten your days.


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