Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 Projects down many to go

I think what I like most about Etsy is custom orders. People tell me what they need, and I create it. This week I am pleased to announce that I have officially started making bags again. To be honest I didn't think I would for awhile, but it's a passion I cannot ignore. Now if I could just learn to take good pictures of them I would be set!
I had someone request one of my crayon wallets to hold smaller crayons and a larger notebook. This was the outcome. This is not the actual item she wanted this is a sample of hers thats available in my store right now. HERE

I was happy to have sold the bag from lasts weeks green week post. Someone bought it today, and although it makes me sad to see it go, I know it will go to a loving home. If you would like one made for you let me know or you can buy this beautiful Amy Butler version HERE

And for this mornings Creativity session, I had all this nickle hardware from my previous store, so I made some linen blend FOB keychains with this cute Japanese import called Cheeky Bunny.

Have fun checking out all the new stuff I added this week in my Etsy store, and if there is something that you would like to see just let me know. I have a trip to the craft store tomorrow and I am SEW excited.


  1. The bag is so cute! Love the fabric choice on that style. And I love the crayon wallet...my favorite yet!

  2. There is that tree fabric I like so well.

    Doing custom jobs stress me out. I am always aftraid it won't be just what the customer really wants. Or my sewing machine will catch fire, the roof will fall in, the fabric will disolve or what ever somthing will happen and I won't be able to finish the project. lol I know it is silly but doing custom stresses me.

    Good for you in your selling. With the way the economy is going it is good to see someone selling.


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