Thursday, February 19, 2009

Organization Day #2

So I guess I have come to terms with the fact that I probably will not have a craft room. At least until Sophia grows up. Although we have an extra room, I have to share it with my husband. Technically it is an office, but me and him split the walk-in closet. He has the other half filled with computer parts and archery accessories.
My problem was, how do I fit all my crafts in a small space and still be able to find things and see somewhat of a visual. I am easily inspired by my visual experiences. I see a piece of fabric and in pops an idea. So I wanted to be able to have easy access to most items.
As we were browsing our local Fred Myer today I came across these hangers for sweaters. You will never guess what I did......

I used them as shelves. I almost insatlled shelves into the wall the morning before. Now I am so glad that I didn't. So my half of this closet looks huge to me now because I have fit so much, in such a small space. (man I should be on one of those TLC shows).

Check it out, cool huh. It's ok you can copy it :P

I will post about it again when I am finished. I gotta unload all my fabric bins still. I am sure it wont all fit here, but at least the stuff I want to look at more often sure will.


  1. That is so cool. You have been very creative thinking outside the box.

  2. Hi Terri,
    I found your blog through Jane's and love your closet, all organized. I see all of your ribbons and I have to tell you what I did in an antique armoir. I took a spring curtain rod up and slipped them on. They are always ready to roll.
    Keep Stitchen'

  3. Oh Terri, great job, my fabric is all in boxes and I just dig through when i need something, that looks great!

  4. I love the closet organization. Nice way to use tight spaces.

  5. I am VERY impressed with your organization there. I, too, have to share sewing machine and iron and ironing board are in the bedroom the grandkids use when they visit. Most of my fabric and other tools are in the room in which my husband has all his computers and video editing equipment. I know of many gals who have the same situation........*sigh* made the most of your situation and I thank you for sharing those photos. Come visit my blog sometime, okay?

  6. DARN!!!! I missed your giveaway!! argh! I was on hoo!! Great organization by the way....would never see that in my studio, LOL!

  7. Isn't that a great way to store fabric?! I had thought about that, but I made my husband build shelves. Next time check out IKEA, they have cute colors and good prices, too! You're stash is so pretty and organized!!!

  8. Great idea for storing!
    I am envious of your stash! My daughter wants the pink/brown on your third shelf down!
    Everything looks great!

  9. That looks awesome. I was just wondering how to get more space in my closet for my fabrics. What a wonderful idea. I think I might have to go get some.

  10. Oh my looks beautiful, and O-so organized. Now, can you come help me organize my space? It's out of control!!


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