Friday, January 23, 2009

An Angel Get's it's wings

With Valentines Day right around the corner I wanted to share this cute little craft I picked up at work. It's a cute easy to make Gaurdian Angel heart necklace. Super easy even for children to create. Even add your own ideas to it. Enjoy

The supplies you will need:

1 paperclip ( butterfly style clip)

1 piece of 1/8" ribbon cut 30" long

1 heart shaped bead
(hole going from top to bottom)

Lighter or controlled flame

First fold the ribbon in half. Push the folded side through the paper clip and pull the tails of the ribbon through it to make a knot around the top of the paper clip. String the heart shaped bead through both ribbons. You can tie a knot abouve the heart bead to keep it on the necklace. Then tie off the end to complete the hole that goes arounf your neck. Las step is to lightly hit the end of the ribbons with a lighter to prevent the ends from fraying.

That's it you have a finished necklace. You can give it away for Valentines as a way of telling someone how much you care. Everyone needs a Gaurdian Angel. Make yours today

This project is so much fun, Quick and easy to. Go ahead try it out.

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