Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday Stash :: Texture

The fun part about modern quilting to me it watching it evolve so quickly. Modernizing traditional patterns, and using tons of color to create pieces with personality. Quilts are no longer just blankets they are pieces of art that are idolized more then I have ever seen before.

My new favorite quilting trend is texture. Well I guess I hope it becomes trendy cause I would love to see it used more. Robert Kaufman has cleverly constructed texture like cottons to add that extra zip to your projects without the hassle of the true blend. 

For instance, Linen is a very hard texture to work with. Some projects are easier then others, but after attempting a cathedral window pillow with 100% linen last year, I quickly learned that it's not always fun.

These Quilters linens play just like cotton fabrics, with the look of a linen texture. The colors are just amazing in person.

The newest launch is the quilters tweed. I have seen bits and pieces around, but mine did not actually arrive until this afternoon. I honestly can say that I am impressed with these. Again they play like cotton, with the true look of tweed fabrics. They look heavy and textured, the blends of color are just fantastic. They are truly beautiful to the touch and easy on the eyes. I see many texture look-a-likes in my quilting future.

The Quilters linen I got from Simply Solid Fabrics
The Quilters Tweed is from Ebay

Thank you Robert Kaufman for keeping up with us eager quilters.



  1. I love this linen. Can't wait to use it in quilting.

  2. Wondering if Joann's would carry the quilters linen:)

  3. Very cool....I like the linen look without the actual linen fabric....makes for fun. Leave it to Robert Kaufman fabrics to come up with something so cool and interesting :)


  4. Ooh, I haven't seen the tweeds yet, they look nice! I'm currently loving the Kona crush fabrics and wishing they came in more colors!

  5. Haven't yet seen these - gorgeous! p.s. that Sophie can really shake it! hehe.

  6. Oh....amazing!
    I really love linen.
    Those are fantastic.

  7. Wow, I have not seen these fabrics in the quilt stores yet. Are they only available through the internet?


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