Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Stash:: Christmas edition

Can you say mouth hit the floor goodness....... Etsuko Furuya Echino solid Fat Quarters. Purchased by my hubby of all people on etsy of all places. He knows how much I just love etsy and that is where he found the majority of my Christmas gifts this year.

New Fabric, a kindle, some great deco stuff and even a cute handmade handcuff necklace that I have wanted FOREVER. He done good this year. He even did it all looking this handsome.......

From our family to yours, lotsa hugs and wishes for a wonderful new year.

What did you get for Christmas?


  1. What an awesome hubby! I am so impressed he knows about etsy!

    I got an amazing present from my hubby too! Yay for sweet husbands!

  2. Good Morning,
    I, too, am impressed that your hubby knows how to buy something from Etsy. Mine knows that I sell stuff...but, hasn't quite made the connection that we could go buy stuff too!!

    I hope you are enjoying your holiday with your sweet family. Have a creative day ~Natalie

  3. beautiful pictures of your family! sweet smiles and next year, Santa will have to be extra good to the hubby for picking out such yummy gifts!

    happy new year!

  4. Your hubby did a great job! I love the solids and the Keep Calm and Drink Wine! And Sophia looks darling!

  5. Wow! Kudos to your hubby! Enjoy your goodies!

  6. ooo, those FQ's are luscious and I love your new necklace! My husband bought me some awesome road-biking shoes and 500 Art Quilts, a Lark publication.


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