Monday, February 1, 2010

Clutch Winner ::

Thank you everyone for the support with my new shop item. Although it took a bit of time to think out thoroughly, I believe it was worth it. Sometimes I tend to over think some items, wanting to add all this cool stuff to it. The problem is always cost. How do you make an item that is forever useful yet practical, unique, and affordable. This is how every items in my shop is made.

The winner of My sample is Comment Number 38 ........

I have seen other kindle holders but this one is by far the best!You've taken everything into account!

how does your friend like his?

Thank you for the wonderful positive feedback.
Please send me your addy to

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment. If you would like one for yourself, head over to the shop and use this code KINDLECOMMENTS
For 20% off your favorite Kindle Clutch
(good until midnight 2/1/2010)

Thank you , Thank you , Thank you


  1. Congrats to Kelly! Lucky lady!

  2. Congrats to Kelly. Mmmmm. I LOVE that fabric!

  3. Congrats Kelly!

  4. What a wonderful prize! Congratulations!

  5. Hi, Terri-from-Portland Modern Quilt Guild. I'm so happy to have found your blog. It's wonderful! Hope you can join Heather and I on Friday the 12th for fabric shopping and Mexican food!


  6. congrats to the winner!! Wonderful prize!!


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