Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Product Launch :: Giveaway

It's ready! This came out exactly how I wanted. So many of my pattern ideas come with alot of trial end error, sometimes even a few mistakes. This one however came together smoothly. I love it when that happens. Part of the reason may be because it's almost a smaller version of my carryall clutch.
The new design is a mini version of the well loved clutch with a little Sew-Fantastic twist. The inside holds a notebook approx 4x6 (that is what's in the picture) There is room for a slightly larger mini legal pad, the option will be given in the shop.

The pocket on the left side will even hold my iPhone! The back pocket can hold extra coupons or credit cards, maybe even something important that you can't forget when leaving the house. All of this yummy goodness comes wrapped in rare hard to find designer prints, with fun little appliques, a recycled button, and some vintage rick rack to close it up. (Whew) What a mouthful huh!!

Check out these fabric beauties. Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross, Art Gallery, and more!
But wait..... This handy little helper needs your help! This beautiful organizer doesn't have a name yet. What should we call this fantastic way of organizing my whole life? (OK maybe just a small portion of it)

You get to decide. Leave me a comment, or two, or many as you want. In each comment leave me an idea of what to call this Yummy clutch. You can give as many ideas as you want, but please make them good. Anything that I see should not be included will be deleted.

The name that I decide to choose from every ones comments will be the new name of this product for our shop. If I choose your name, I will send you a yummy mini clutch for free.

International commenter's welcome as well.

Get those ideas flowing!!


  1. The description of this clutch reminds me of my purse and my smartphone all wrapped up in one location but looking oh so much cuter!
    "Clutch of Life"; "Life Line Clutch"; "The Kitchen Sink and More" (my family always says I have the kitchen sink in my purse as well!)

  2. "smart organizer"


    ps I gave my three girls in the house one of your Journals each and didn't get one for myself, so this would be great

  3. Thought of another one

  4. tiny tote- tote meaning 'to have on ones person' apparently

  5. Maybe it's because it's late at night, but I like 'Sew Organised'. :) They look fantastic!

  6. Margi and Christine came up with the ones I thought of, oh well. I think it is a great new item.

  7. You mentioned a mini clutch .. I think that would be good. You could also call it a carrysome clutch, or a fun clutch, or a purse pocket ... I think I better stop now before I get out of control :)

  8. Got your list, got your coupons, got your credit cards...THE SHOPPER.

  9. Shopper's Friend

  10. The Grab and Go
    The BOC (born organized clutch)

  11. The "Life-Line". I have a little book (not nearly as pretty) that I keep all my important info in. It is my life-line. I will have to order one of these if I don't win!

  12. How about 'The Essentials Clutch', as it holds all the little essentials to make life a little easier! Oh how I'd love to win one, I so could do with one right now! I guess I'll be right over after the draw!

  13. I have been looking on Etsy for something like this...honestly! Ummm, let's see...How about the Sew Much & More Organizer!

  14. I like the little grab n' go - it was the first thing I thought when you said the iphone would fit in there because literally - that's what I do - grab my purse, my phone, my shopping list and go! :)I love the use of the Denyse Schmidt - what a great way to use a little:)

  15. How about the Sew Much and More Fantastic Clutch!


  16. How about:
    Chicken Clutch (for all your Chicken stratch (money)
    Grab and Go Clutch

  17. Great job Terri! I love everything about these! I am not great at coming up with names but something like the mini carry all clutch sounds alright ;-) Good luck with your new product its awesome

  18. Maybe something like the streamlined scrappy (since it is a mini version)

    Very cute and completely useful.

  19. Hi! this is the cutest little clutch. My ideas for a name:
    Fill 'n Go
    OrGo (for organize and go)
    O'Run or O'Runner (for organize and run errands)
    GoRun (for go and run errands)

    That's all I've got. Thanks.

  20. How about "TakeAlong" or "TagAlong"? I love the little pocket on the back - what a nice touch.

  21. How about

    Git r dun clutch

    circle of life clutch

    Life Circle Clutch

    I really like it....

  22. Hmmm, First I love it!! Since you have in your shop the Carryall Clutch On the go Daily Organizer, why noy make it simeple and call it The MINI Carryall Clutch On the go Daily Organizer. That way people will really understand what they are about to purchase.

  23. How about the Clutch Around, or the Around Town Clutch


  24. How about the "Cutesy Clutch"? After all, it is very cute. :)

  25. The first thing I thought of was
    Clutch-n-Go but that is kind of close to Barb's. I also like
    Sew-Fan-Clutch. Looks like a handy little carry all.

  26. My first thought was the "Spot-On Organizer".

  27. My first thought was the "ClutchTastic" or "Clutch Fantastic"

  28. "On the go clutch"
    "grab and go"
    hmmmmmmmm "all in one clutch"


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