Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Favorite Things Giveaway #9

Welcome back to Bliss Forest. If you have not had the chance to visit the fun atmosphere over at Aly's Etsy Shop now is the perfect time to visit. Between the meadow and the stars lies creatures like Giesha Neen-Jah buhn-nee, and Chocolate Kiss, or even the bad gnome. With Easter being not to far away it's time to snatch up your favorite lovey in time for that eater basket before someone else adopts them. (OH NO!!!)
(Sophia adores her pink bunny, it's one of her favorite toys)

Aly is Giving away her most popular creature of bliss forest, the Black Neen-Jah buhn-nee.
This cute little critter will now be causing mischief over at
Amanda's House now.

Take a minute to visit all the super cute creatures of bliss forest, and read there fun stories to. Pick one up now for Easter or that much needed gift for any occasion. Heart her shop for a later date. You will be floored by the creativity that pours from Aly's Bliss Forest.


  1. This is just amazing, what a wonderful thing for you to do!!! Hugs, ag

  2. Boy! How many giveaways are you doing today????
    This is awesome! Even if I haven't won (boo hoo).

  3. I love the black neen-jah buhn-nee...which might have to come live at our house for our white/dressed in black neen-jah javi! LOL



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