Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping the People of Haiti with Crafts

The world comes together, in the effort to help the suffering victims of Haiti. A massive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake has taken many lives from many families, destroyed homes, and crumbled hope. We have come together as a nation without hesitation, we never thought for a second, should we help... we just did!

Now you can help to. has set up a blog dedicated to helping people who truly need it. There effort to help the people in Haiti right now has reached everyone on blog land within hours. This is the power we all have. The power to unite as crafters, readers, mothers, and fathers. The power to unite us all as people!

How can you help to? Visit for details on how you can donate an item of crafty worthiness to this great cause. This item will be sold in their special etsy shop specifically for this fundraiser. If you are not a crafter, stop by the etsy store set up by where they will be selling off the donations and giving 100% of the proceeds to Doctors Without Boarders.
I will be donating this cute little mushroomy clutch. Take a stand with me, make a difference for the greater good. We are all gods people, lets spread the word.

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  1. I jumped right over to the etsy shop to purchase your clutch, but it had already sold. :( I plan on donating something as well today.


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