Sunday, January 17, 2010

The change in your pocket.

All over blogland people have come together. After donating craft items as well as money proceeds from the shop, I feel I still need to do more. I was given this space to reach people so I feel I should use it to do so.
I had$6.75 in the bottom of my purse today. Pocket change! I thought to myself can this really make a difference? Of course it can! How much change is in your pocket? Would you be willing to put your change into a HUGE pickle jar for the people over in Haiti?
Please take a minute, count your change, donate to those who need it much more then our pockets do. Let's come together with a small goal that will make a BIG difference.
Our prayers our with the people of Haiti tonight
Thank you

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  1. you have such a big heart.....and I just wanted to tell you that I have donated in several different places and I do want to donate more but......I can get in tooo deep sometimes.


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