Monday, December 14, 2009

Have yourself a Scrappy Christmas::

Just as promised; I have put up some scrap packs. I am drowning in them right now, which is good for all of you. I am going to be opening up my handmade shop soon to clearance out all of the 2009 designs and make room for the new stuff. Talk about excitement! I am hoping sometime around the 20th of December so if you want some Handmade goodies and don't need them in time for Christmas it will be a great opportunity to save.

Scrap packs will be very limited this time around and will also be listed in the new destash shop. They have been set up into categories and already coordinated for you, just choose what pack you want. Very limited, first come first serve. Great chance to get a little of everything. If you have bought one before, these are not small scraps! MORE ADDED 12/15

Also please take a minute to stop by project 320 blog, the prizes have started to emerge onto the pages for this wonderful cause. It truly amazes me how well all of us bloggers can come together and achieve a goal this BIG in very little time. Thank you Everyone.


  1. Hello there and good Monday to you! I bet you are somewhat relived that your 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway has come to an end? Anyway, the reason I am writing is that I was going to purchase one of the scrap packs that you have listed, I like the Geometric & Girly Girl patterns, and I was curious to see if any of the scraps would be large enough to make a couple of softies for my little one? Just let me know! Thanks again for introducing me to all of the wonderful blogs that you featured in your giveaways!

    Happy Merry Holiday~Meg

  2. By the way this is the Meg from I just couldn't sign in from this computer for some reason! Have a wonderful day and week!!

  3. oh bummer was hopping this was a give away - LOL!!! I am going to see what you have and drool! heehee

    Jackie (at)


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