Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 Portland Quilting Expo :: Eye Candy

Dyed rick rack and ribbons :: Photo by Sarah Costa

Mama Said Quilt :: I love this one

I wish I had gotten more detail of this, it was beautiful

Vintage Spools :: Photo by Sarah Costa

Alice in Wonderland Quilt

Me and Fabric Designer Karen Snyder She was as lovely in
person as her beautiful fabrics

My Favorite:: First place I wish we had gotten a better view there were loads
of people gathered around this beauty.

Stained Glass Quilt

Wool Stacks :: Photo by Sarah Costa

Asian themed with some cool 3D effects

The detail is amazing

Vintage Quills

This is the some of the loot that me and Sarah brought home Thursday from the quilting expo. It was so cool to see so much 3D action going on this year. almost every quilt we saw had some kind of texture to it. the detail was amazing this year as well.
Lynette Jensen was signing books, Quilters from local and not so local guilds came with all their beautiful pieces, and fabric shops from Washington, Oregon, and California came with beautiful fabrics and vintage goodies. Karen, me and Sarah both hope to see you again in November.
It was Eye Candy all day long. I am inspired for another year of creativity. Thank you to everyone who made mine, and Sarah's day definitely one to remember.
For more pictures of the beautiful eye candy visit these links


  1. Eye candy for sure. Beautiful quilts and goodies.

  2. Deeeeelicious! And fat free too!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  3. you lucky duck...looks like a lot of fun...and a lot of loot...i'm jealous!!

    have a great weekend!!

  4. oooooh... I *love* the Alice in Wonderland quilt! So awesome!

  5. It looks like a fabulous time...thanks for sharing your pics. Have a great weekend! ~Natalie

  6. your photos make me so sorry I missed this show. I don't even live near a fabric store! You got some really pretty stuff to bring home.

  7. Fun! I love the new mushroom/snail fabric!

  8. Beautiful. I love the Mama Said quilt. Thanks for sharing.



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