Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a BLOWOUT! Purchase

So check this out. I know, nothing fancy but guess what, I love it just the same. I bought this iron 2 days ago to replace a Black and Decker something or other that I had for about 2 years. I didn't really shop around, as I am not a real picky person when it comes to irons. There are a few features that I look for but the name brand is not one of them.

So here is my story about the old iron.
I was ironing away making my usual crayon wallets, when all of a sudden a light flickered from inside my iron. Yes I saw the inside of the iron through the light (weird I know). So anyway, it's flashing lights from the inside, then shuts off and black smoke begins to pour out of the iron from every crack. I MEAN BLACK! And lots of it, this smoke scared the poop outta me.
I yanked on the cord to pull it out of the wall as soon as I registered what was going on. Whew!! Talk about a close call.
It was the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

So needless to say, turns out to be an internal short and not fixable of course so I bought this lovely beauty you see above, yes in the Lime green to. I wanted the orange but no luck finding it. I love the way it irons to, this sucker gets hot making it so easy to work with and under 30 dollars. So now I have a new iron, without the tremendous price tag. I just love new stuff don't you.
Do you have any iron stories that you would like to share?


  1. Love your new green iron. I have always found the cheaper irons are as good if not better than the more expensive ones. What a good find and a good buy!

  2. At least your iron story had a happy ending !
    try the 11 year old son who thinks he is being a big help ironing his own shirt..on the carpet..with nothing underneath !!!
    He becomes distracted ( which is quite a regular thing, according to his teacher !! )by the phone ringing and leaves the iron face down on his shirt AND MY CARPET ..GGGRRRr..I was alerted to the fact by a burning smell wafting to my bedroom..
    Lucky for you it is easier to replace a burnt out iron than it is burnt carpet.:(
    Mighty pretty green iron you have there !!!

  3. wow, scary. i don't have a iron story like that one!!! Just that after years of using a travel iron i finally got a real one thisyear and i love and decker too i think. Glad everything is ok and you got a new iron to boot!

  4. Oh no! I have been waiting for this to happen with my iron. It started sparking (inside)about a month ago. I never leave it plugged in anymore unless i am right there using it. I keep meaning to buy a new one but every time I go to the store I forget that I need a new iron.Sounds like I should make a special trip just for an iron before mine starts smoking :)

  5. I've been wanting to invest in a new iron for quilting, but they are over $100. Where did you buy this one?
    Mine is on it's last leg for sure...

  6. I am all about the cheapy irons. I always seem to drop them or iron fusible interfacing the wrong way. Probably because I am watching tv or reading blogs on my phone while I am ironing. Lets just say burns are usually involved. My ghetto black & decker is about to die. I might need to welcome a green friend into my life of distraction.

  7. I had an expensive iron and my really, really "inexpensive" iron (hubby doesn't like the word cheap!) out lasted it!

    I like the greeen :)


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