Thursday, June 4, 2009

The "Loot"

Whoohoo! today was fabric shopping day and I think I died and went to heaven for a few hours.
There is almost nothing more wonderful then a whole day dedicated to fabric shopping. Me and Christina hit shop after shop looking for our hearts desire. Gazing upon beautifully made quilts, and seeing all the new fabric in the shops was wonderful. I got a great loot today, and we both made out like a bandit .
Pretty Ginger blossom, red and orange henna, heather bailey, and Denise Schmidt. Like I said the perfect day. Sophia stayed home with daddy today, but we took her cute little on Brice with us. He has a blast with the girls today and I am hoping that we wore him out good so his momma can get some projects done. Feast your eyes on all this goodness.


  1. holy crap - that's an awesome haul! Are you going to trade any of it??

  2. these fabrics are beautiful. I would have died. That is amazing stuff

  3. oh, oh, oh, oh my! Nice stuff, and so pretty to look at.

  4. Oh my fun is that? Love all the wonderful goodies you came home with.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! I am sooo jealous!

  6. wow!!!
    they's so colourful...
    i'm sooo jealous...

  7. Oh what a fun day!!
    Love all that yummy fabric!!

  8. SO very jealous... I am wishing I had went shopping with you guys!

    Loved the crayon wallet... thanks for helping me last night. I so didn't realize how late it was when I sent the e-mail.

    Oh... posted a post on the finished product. Will be making more soon!

    Oh and my little girl is 18 months. And I will tell you that after they turn a year... well everyday is just funny. They learn so many things and make you laugh often. Enjoy it.

    Adding you to my feeds so I can keep up with your craftiness. :)

  9. Hey Terri, It's Naomi from the Friends swap....I've emailed you and from what Khris said, you haven't received them??? Hopefully you get this as I believe I left messages before as well.

    What a haul by the sooo jealous....panicked for a minute, thought you'd got it all in a swap and thought the bar had been raised on me! lol Phew it was your buy up though!

    Hugs Naomi

  10. These are GORGEOUS fabrics - I've been following your blog and your shop on etsy for a bit - as soon as I can scrap together some cash, crayon wallets will be mine. :) I LOVE these fabrics - you have such a fantastic eye! I can't wait to see what you create next. :)

  11. That's a hell of a pile! I even see some Lush in there. I love 90%of those!!!


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