Monday, June 1, 2009

Flattery, I think not!

Disclosure:: Please know that this post is not in anyway directed to the readers of this blog. It is general information for consideration only. Not often do we crafters speak our minds, on subject of this nature, but sometimes it just needs to be said. I hope that everyone who reads this understands the information and feelings behind the point of this post. I am in no way a "writer" so Please take that into consideration .

As a new pattern writer and seller, as well as Blogger. I have noticed so much generosity from crafters all over the world. People who blog free tutorials, and patterns. Giving free tips on crafts or common crafty websites. This is something that unites us all as crafters, we don't feel obligated to share them we just do.

I was wanting to write this for a few weeks now and after the kick in the butt I got after reading Elizabeth's post over at Oh!Fransson. I felt that this was the time. (I did write her and ask for permission to link her on this)

Our patterns and crafts hold a special place within all of us, we take great pride in the product we make, so that you may enjoy making them to. Some patterns are free, some cost very little, but all are made with the lots of thought and energy as well as time.

When someone shares a pattern free of charge, it's meant for your crafts at home only. Items from these should not be sold unless it's been ok'd by the person you got the pattern from. It's only polite to also share where you got the information from.

For instance, I sell a pattern in my etsy shop for a crayon wallet. Although different from the pattern make in my shop that I sell it's still a great pattern. In my instructions it clearly states, you may sell these items, but please give credit for the pattern. (not to much to ask right)

Well the last few weeks I have seen wallets for sell made from my patterns with no credit whatsoever given. ( what do you do, it's gonna happen )
The part that really upset me, is seeing someone else who bought my pattern take credit for making the pattern themselves. This is just a personal example it happens all the time to lots of crafters. I have even seen someone go as far as opening a new account just to buy a pattern to sell it under a different name, and take the credit for it.

So I guess the moral of the story is me personally as a crafter and a business person, I understand the drive to want to make a great product to sell. Some people are not so great at making patterns, but we need to start taking in consideration the person who did take the time to put it together for your use. I decided to be the bigger person somewhat and not link the people I have found just using my pattern (yes there is more then one). In turn I know that it comes around.

Please know that this is just not patterns, nor is it just me. If you want to use someones photos, ideas, patterns, or any kind of content just ask. Most crafters are so very nice that is why they share in the first place. Please take the few minutes to take their feelings into consideration and just ask.


  1. I think you are so right....If I have used someone's idea, I try to acknowledge their hand in it, it is only fair. Maybe you should have your patterns copywrited? I have asked several people if I could see their items, some had said no, some had said only is frustrating as well...but the credit should go to the person who invented it. I am sorry this has happened to you.
    I do know that I came up with this idea only to see it on another's blog...we had the same who get credit?

  2. I* agree with you 100%I am not that talented to make patterns, but so enjoy seeing and doing others.I have never quilted to sell, too much work goes into it and a lot of people don't understand the work involved. I give mine to friends and relatives.I will pay whatever is asked for a pattern its only right, that talented people like yourself be compensated. If I never said it before a big THANK YOU to you and all the quilters who so graciously share their patterns and tutorials with us. Bless you all. Kaye

  3. I back you up 100% on this..I'm glad you brought it up1
    I have had ideas and things taken off my blog...if you check my sidebar, you will see lots of free tuts.
    I am happy to share as long as it's not used for profit, and being acknowledged would be nice..
    thank you for your honest post on this matter..
    Julia ♥

  4. Very nicely said. I do like that other crafters are willing to give their hard earned time to me through a free (or low cost) pattern. I try to give credit where it is do. I really do agree with you. Thanks for saying it so 'nicely.'

  5. Well said! I get frustrated when I buy a pattern only to find out it is copyrighted and I'm not to make it for resale. But I respect those wishes!
    I'm always running into articles made using my "theory", but I know my thumbprint and can identify it immediately.
    You have expressed our concerns very well. Thanks from us all.


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