Thursday, May 21, 2009

For the love of FELT::

I have been wanting to buy a bundle of felt to experiment with. The opportunity came to me when a lovely Estian asked me if I would be interested in doing a trade with her. She wanted me to pick something from her store, to trade for one of my wallets.

What a great idea huh. As I looked through her store I found this beautiful stack of felt calling my name. We both set up a listing to pay the shipping differences, then it was on it's way to me. I opened the box and fell in love.

Now I am still not sure what I will do with it. For now I just love to look at the stack just the way it was sent to me. Like a rainbow of fuzziness with a pretty little satin bow.
Anyone have any ideas on felt projects? Or maybe a great link to some projects made with felt. The squares are 4.5 x 4.5 so not very large, but still beautiful.


  1. I, too, won a give away of beautiful wool squares...all layered up and tied so neatly. I have them on 'display' in my sewing room...I'm going to check back to see what suggestions you receive! Have a great weekend. ~Natalie

  2. Here is the link to a Yahoo group that is called WoolyBuddies and is run by a gal (Sandi A) who is a master at wool and wool felt applique. At times the message board is very quiet, but there is a LOT of info there in the files and databases and lots of free patterns and also photos posted by gals who have done a lot of work with it. I just LOVE doing wool-felt applique. You have a nice little stash there....have fun with it. Here's the link for you.....consider joining the group, okay?

  3. Love love love the blog.

    first time stopping by. :) Nice to meet you!

    Now a follower. :)

    Follow back?

    -Melanie V.


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