Thursday, April 2, 2009

Friday's Loyal Commenter Award

Carla Finley

Carla is our winner this week for the loyal commenter award. She is a mother to 2 beautiful girls, and 3 beautiful grandchildren and another one due this month. Carla now resides in Venice, Florida with her husband Michael.

Carla Loves photography, quilting, nature, and karaoke. I bet if you asked her she might even belt out a tune for ya. (just kidding Carla) Carla frequents my blog quite often, although I don't get a lot of time to comment her beautiful photography, I do enjoy it very much. She is always helpful to me when I have questions or ideas on my blog and is always eager to share her opinions. I love that about her.
Go check out her nature photos, she has an eye for beauty all around her. Or stop by to check out her sidebar with over 100 FREE pattern links.

Please take a minute to make a new friend over at Carla's Blog. Leave her some Congratulations on her new Grand baby coming this month, or let her know what you like about her blog. Thank you Carla for all your wonderful comments. Please display your award proudly.


  1. So true, Carla is a loyal commenter! She frequents my blog as well and always has wonderful things to say. She does have a great eye for photography.

  2. Hi! I just saw the comment you left on my blog! I really enjoyed my first swap and would love to do another. As for ideas, I saw another group of bloggers doing a "Christmas in July" blog which could be fun. It might get me working on my holiday gifts a bit earlier this year! Let me know what you decide.


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