Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My New Tree Bag

I sewed all day to finish this one, of course in between taking care of Sophie. That is why projects take so long anyway. Today I wanted to use the fabulous fabric I bought yesterday on my outing with Christina and Brice. I threw together a few colors that were all matchy matchy... and started sewing.

Oh pretty trees huh. There were a lot of pieces to this project, and it was sew much fun.

How cute is this..... Right side

Middle front pocket

Full view.. It's my new bag. yay!!!

It had tons of pockets to. ha ha ha ha.


  1. This is so cute - I want one! I love all the pockets, and I especially love the ties on the sides.

  2. What a cute bag, I love the fabric choice and the brown lining is perfect.

  3. Hi Terri,
    Beautiful bag and color choices.
    Keep Stitchen'

  4. It's absolutely adorable. I just recently came across your blog and have enjoyed it. You have lovely taste. Did you use a specific pattern for this bag or is it your own creation?

  5. It's so cute! Is it a pattern of your own making? I think you have something to add to your shop!

  6. I want one! How much do you charge for these??? Darling

  7. Love that tree fabric! Prefect for spring!

  8. I just bought that pattern!!! Wish I had an eye to pick the right fabs....yours is gorgeous! Love that tree fabric....what is it? My fab shop never has cool stuff like that....sigh....but then maybe that's a good thing...I buy less :P

  9. lol! i recently made napkins out of a similar fabric!! it's the same fabric but with words on it. i love your bag!

  10. This is so-o-o-o cute! I need one! (smile!~!)


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