Monday, February 23, 2009

New Craft Monday - Ribbon Covered Barrettes

My Mom is already feeling a little more comfortable, swaying to her crafty side. This week we attempted another craft that I had never made. I was trying to keep it simple for her today so we never made it to the bows. However we did embellish a few of the barrettes.

Supplies were: Scissors, grosgrain ribbons, alligator clips, hot glue gun or industrial glue, lighter, and patience. We measured the ribbon to go around the whole barrette, then glued accordingly using extra clips to keep the ribbon from shifting. (see picture below)It was quite easy after the first set, we began to get the hang of it. I also learned how to curl ribbon and make Korker bows.

We just embellished with what I already had laying around, buttons, and yo yo's from yoyo cottage.
Like I said we did not get a chance to do the boutique bows today, but we will eventually. I did notice that people were charging for instructions on how to make boutique bows, considering how easy it is I don't really think that is right. So if you want to learn how to make them I found a great FREE site called Girly Things go check it out, and learn how to make bows for free.

See how pretty they look in Sophia's hair, she just loved them. Of course we didn't make any the same yet so she will have to have mis-matched for now. I hope you all enjoy making these, let me know if you need help. It really is a fun project and easy to.


  1. Aww, Sophia's hair looks so sweet all done up with those clippies - adorable!

  2. Very sweet and how nice that Sophia will leave them in her hair. Some little gals are not that cooperative!!!

  3. Oh they do look sweet, and thank you for the link to the bow. Have a nice day!

  4. How sweet! I love the wee ones with clippies in their hair. It is so girly.

  5. Too cute!! They look great! Glad your mom is feeling up to the task! Sophie as always is beautiful! :)
    I was sad this week to find that a pattern that has always been free from Hancock patterns is now a pattern they sell... Chemo Caps... Thankfully there are other sites that offer directions for those and for the bows you mentioned! Thank you for the link!


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