Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arriving From Japan

Yay It's here. Positively the fastest package I have ever received from outside the U.S.A. So those of you who did not see the earlier post back when I won a 20 dollar gift certificate to Matatabi This was the first time I have ever bought Japanese fabrics. I just seemed to get interested in them the last few months, but they were quite spendy. So I entered a Giveaway and Won! This was my loot!

Now that I have received the fabric, I know why they are a little costlier then other fabrics. This was the most high Quality fabric I have ever purchased. Most of them were a linen mix but even the Cotton apples were thick and heavy in weight. Almost like a decor fabric but softer.

Frances even left me a nice little note inside to say thank you. I am officially hooked. Beautiful fabrics, and Super fast shipping. My 2 favorite things.

So Guess what Christina... Cheeky Bunny is here and wrapped all pretty for you, looks like it's time for a get together and some coffee. Even if it's with the kids.
Go check out the shop Matatabi you will love it.


  1. I fell in love with Japanese prints about 6 months ago, I love them, I can hook you up with some great stores, if you need more. Boy did you get a lot, I need to go and check out that store!

  2. Congrats on your bonanza. They are lovely and I know about the quality.
    I buy 'tons' of Ondori cotton thread from Japan which I use for crochet and finer lace. It is an amazing quality.
    Again enjoy your lovely fabrics. I'll check out that store.

  3. How pretty they look. I'm not at all familiar with Japanese fabrics...but I'm hearing more about them lately.

  4. This is a great recommendation for those interested in trying some of these fabrics. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

  5. Oh thanks for shareing with us. I love the red and white pigs! Guess I will have to look into fabric from Japan.

  6. Yes! I love that cheeky bunny. Can't wait to meet up for coffee! I'm a huge fan of Japense fabrics. I can't wait to take a trip over there and load up a suitcase full!


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